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CricketSASA is a mobile or web platform that allows users to keep track of scores, statistics, and other details during cricket matches. It simplifies the process of scoring matches and provides instant access to live scores, player performances, and comprehensive statistics. CricketSASA is designed to cater to cricket enthusiasts, players, coaches, and even umpires, offering a range of features to enhance the cricketing experience. CricketSASA is your one-stop solution for cricket scoring, statistics, and analysis. Download now and elevate your cricketing journey to new heights. Experience the thrill of cricket like never before!


Live scoring

CricketSASA app provides real-time scoring capabilities, allowing users to input runs, wickets, extras, and other relevant details as they happen during a match. This ensures accurate and up-to-date scoring.

Ball-by-ball commentary

Users can follow along with ball-by-ball commentary, which provides live updates on each delivery, including runs scored, wickets taken, and other notable events.

Team Management

Create and manage teams effortlessly. Add players, assign roles, and track individual and team performance over multiple matches. Perfect for coaches and team captains.

League Management

CricketSASA is desgined to meet the requirement of cricket leagues management. Streamline your operations, enhance the player experience, and elevate the overall professionalism of your league. Download now and revolutionize the way you manage and enjoy cricket leagues!

Player profiles and statistics

CricketSASA app maintains player profiles with detailed statistics, including batting averages, bowling figures, strike rates, and more. Users can track their own performances or explore the statistics of their favorite players.

Cricket Insight / Graphical representations

CricketSASA app provides graphical representations of match progress, such as run-rate graphs, partnership charts, and wagon wheels. These visual aids offer a better understanding of the game's dynamics.

Live Scorecards and Match Summary

CricketSASA generates comprehensive match summaries and scorecards, showcasing team totals, individual player scores, batting and bowling averages, and other important statistics. This enables users to analyze the performance of teams and players.

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Story behind the app

In the cricket-loving city of Winnipeg, a group of passionate cricket enthusiasts came together with a vision to revolutionize the way cricket matches were scored and statistics were maintained. They believed that technology could bring a new level of precision, efficiency, and enjoyment to the game they loved.

Led by Ifran, a cricket player with a deep understanding of the game and tech-savvy developer with a passion for cricket, the team embarked on a journey to create the ultimate cricket scoring and statistics app called "CricketSASA."

With dedication and hard work, Ifran's team developed an app that surpassed their own expectations. CricketSASA offered a user-friendly interface that allowed scorers to enter runs, wickets, extras, and other details in real-time, enabling the scorecard to update instantly. Gone were the days of manual calculations and paperwork.

Word spread quickly about this innovative app, and soon it became the go-to tool for scoring matches in Winnipeg and neighboring towns. Local cricket leagues embraced CricketSASA, making it an integral part of their match operations. The app streamlined the process of league management, helping organizers schedule matches, track team standings, and communicate with players and officials.

With each update, CricketSASA continued to push the boundaries of what a cricket scoring and statistics app could offer.Their app had not only transformed the way cricket was scored and analyzed but also brought the cricketing community closer, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared passion.

Today, CricketScoreStats is used worldwide, serving as an indispensable companion for cricket enthusiasts at all levels. Its impact on the game is immeasurable, as it empowers players, coaches, and fans with knowledge, insights, and a deeper appreciation for the sport they hold dear.

Ifran Naseem

Lead Developer

What do people think?

This online service has changed how me manage schedule, scoring and statistics. It’s something that is needed by all leagues. The developer is dedicated to make improvements that are needed and is quick to respond to issues. Looking forward to using this for a long time.
Ray Ramrattanl Cosmos Cricket Club, Winnipeg
Great help for Manitoba cricket.

It was a crucial step having paramount importance to put Manitoba cricket back on track of administrative effectiveness.

It’s a wonderful user friendly app which includes all facets of scoring and league management. Amazing blend of simplicity and inclusiveness. It’s way easier to schedule the league matches, know the team standings, personal profile and performances of players, individual match statistics and details; each having seamless connectivity and ease . All this accessibility with a tap of a button sitting at home is just amazing.

Paramjit Shahi Royal Kings Cricket Club
Well done Irfan Naseem, this indeed is a platform that has advanced MCA from stoneage to at par with modern age of technology.

Kudos to you for keeping us all connected with our hometown cricket seen regardless of where we are in the world.

All said, this is fantastic effort on your part to bring us all up to speed in this modern technological world. I am waiting for the day when I can watch a live stream of MCA cricket matches from the comfort of my couch LOL!

All the best and kind regards my friend!!

Andy Johal AICC

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